Sweater Dresses

5 reasons to go for a sweater dress in the fall of 2017

They say in the world of fashion that the sweater dress was invented by a woman who enjoyed trying on her man’s sweaters. We can understand her point, but wearing stretched-out and shapeless sweaters a couple of sizes larger is definitely not our style. Let’s get rid of the 1990s grunge, for today is just the right time to be sexy! And for that, Lattori has the trendiest sweater dresses!

Dress and sneakers
We all are huge fans of sport chic. But in this case, we are against shapeless sweaters. Why wear something that doesn’t underline your curves? Choose a sweater dress in which you’ll look attractive. Believe us, there are plenty of them out there! For example, this Lattori dress with yellow stripes will not just beautifully underline your body shape and look good with sneakers but become your helper in fall, when weather will slow down on warmth.

Turn up the sleeves!
Sweater dresses for the fall of 2017 are especially useful when we’re talking about long-sleeved dresses. One upon a time, Kendal Jenner proved that the sweater dress is good, and this publication in Vogue has inspired us to a thought that a woman can only feel comfortable, warm and fashionable in a sweater dress, simply a knockout! And to make the long story short, just take a look at this Little Black sweater dress. It’s so soft that your man would want to hug you more and more!

Plus the boots
If you plan to spend the fall where the temperature is slightly below or slightly above zero, why don’t you get yourself a sweater dress to wear it with boots? This way, you won’t just look stylish – in this dress, you’ll feel comfortable and, most importantly, warm. Remember that we women have to take care of ourselves especially during cold season!

Spacious collar
Another reason for wearing a sweater dress in the fall of 2017 is spacious collar. If you don’t like oversize clothes which do not underline your body shape, you should consider a sweater dress with spacious collar. It sort of fits the oversize trend, underlines your waist, and is ideal to wear with court shoes.

On one shoulder
Another reason to wear a sweater dress in the fall of 2017, is that it will underscore your feminineness and sexiness in any event. You can coquettishly lower your dress on one shoulder, and voila! You will feel like a true seductress.

Let’s sum everything up: sexiness, feminineness and underlined body shape – these are the three key skills we develop in ourselves when talking about Lattori dresses. Why? Because a woman feels herself a woman only when wearing a dress and large selection of dresses helps her choose the image she’s going to wear today.