Shift Dresses


The Shift Dress

A solidly designed ladies fashion dress dating back to the 60’s. The Shift dress is a short and sleeveless dress which hangs from the shoulders – very similar to the A Line dress. The design and functionality of the Shift dress makes it suitable for all body shapes and sizes. The term ‘Shift dress’ comes from the idea that it was easy to shift or move around in this style of dress, quite apt right?!

Necklines of a Shift dress are commonly high and often with a boat neck style collar. A Shift dress is usually quite plain but very structured. The waist is essentially de-emphasised in this fashion style and its non form-fitting approach does indeed allow for great flexibility in movement! Any sexy curves or contours are played down in a Shift dress… but you can definitely get your legs in the limelight wearing a Shift dress!

As problematic body areas can be hidden in a Shift dress, it makes the overall look quite slimming. A Shift dress is appropriate fashion for many occasions including work, personal or party dates, and is often a preferred choice in young to middle aged women.

The Shift dress can be seen as a faultless year round style and is easy to acclimatise according to season. Add cute sandals in summer or boots, coats and tights in winter. Dress up a Shift dress with some glam jewels or dress it down for a sporty look with flats or sneakers. The range of Shift dresses available on the market today range from chic and sophisticated to wild and fun or cool and contemporary.