Print and Floral

Florals for spring 2017: the new dawn of femininity

They may not be groundbreaking, but they will forever be considered the embodiment of spring, familiar yes, but never falling far from extraordinary. Around this time of the year, you can always count on a full floral fantasy to assure a smooth transition between seasons and this spring is no different. Betting on a modern take on florals, the spring 2017 fashion trends mark the new dawn of femininity.

The blooming affair persevered on the spring 2017 runways, taking the form of light-as-air dresses, exquisite gowns, tailored suits, flowy skirts and silky jumpsuits alike. If you’re not keen on approaching a head-to-toe floral look, this season offers plenty of equally stunning alternatives. Make sure to find all the inspiration you’ll need, after the break.

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Floral prints for spring 2017.
Either reimagined, reinvented, deconstructed or simply painted in unconventional colours, you can always count on the iconic pattern to being brought up-to-date. In spring 2017, the floral print acts in reassuring femininity, while teasing the more masculine influence. Spanning between the extremes, floral prints for spring 2017 go from super-subtle, to super-brassy, appearing modern while looking back at the nineties, clashing with other prints but always emerging as one perfectly polished conjunction.

Delicate florals.

Last year they were dipped in the sweetest pastel shades, this year instead the pretty florals were painted in every colour imaginable, though retaining last season’s take on delicacy and subtlety.

How to wear delicate florals: opt for lightweight fabrics, ladylike silhouettes, and relaxed cuts. The most delicate of floral prints will be perfectly matched by sheer panels, feminine beauty looks, and layerings of soft knits as the temperature drops.

Vibrant blossoms.

Building upon last season’s more eccentric palette of colours, spring 2017 made it all about vibrant blossoms and unexpected clashes of strong hues. The bolder, the better, and the runways seemed to agree, choosing the vibrant florals to carefully redefine chic dresses, or retro-inspired jumpsuits.

How to wear vibrant florals: look out for bold prints in spring 2017’s key colours – the brighter the better. Cuts that have a daring touch are the ideal accompaniment: think plunging necklines, cinched in waists and thigh slits.

Dark florals.

Perhaps one would think that the floral prints are all about channeling the spring’s brighter spirit, often associated with lively patterns and cheerful colours. But if the past seasons thought us anything, is that the dark floral fantasies are equally able to represent the idea of rebirth, particularly when they are impressed on sheer fabrics and polished, yet feminine silhouettes.

How to wear dark florals: sleek hair and sporty details are the surprise addition to dark florals, away from the usual romantic associations. This spring, try your deeply hued floral prints with easy sandals and minimal makeup.

Mismatched florals.

With their increasing popularity that is sure to take every season by storm, we kind of got used to also expect the unexpected when it comes to the beautiful floral patterns. One aspect that stroke as new and fascinating on the spring 2017 runways, was the clash of floral prints used to define the same garment, often a dress, that was being built from various patterns sewn together.

How to wear clashing florals: recognise that you don’t need anything else to make a patchwork of prints a statement. With the right dress featuring mismatched florals, you can simply add a chic pair of heels and nothing else. If you want to patch the look together yourself, look for mismatching prints in complimentary colour ways so that they still gel together well.

Brush stroked florals.

Designers didn’t seem able to escape the artistic influence for spring 2017, which resulted in a myriad of brush stroke printed florals adorning everything in between ladylike dresses and lightweight outerwear. Exquisite and highly imaginative, these patterns hold onto uniqueness, encouraging the refined take on the perennial spring and summer trend.

Floral suits.

Harsh masculine lines, splendid floral prints: apparently they have little in common, but their coming together lead to one of the most beautiful examples of smart contrasts to have walked the spring 2017 runways. Channeling the best of two worlds, the floral suits are ready to infuse some strength into what is spring’s signature feminine splendor.

How to wear floral suiting: a suit in full pattern is bold in of itself, so go all out rather than try and tone it down. Look for sharp cuts, high shine fabrics, and bold prints. Relaxed pants make the look twice as effortless this summer.

Say it with flowers.

Say it loud and say it with flowers; florals and slogans have apparently found the way to coexist beautifully in the same garment, particularly if we’re to judge upon the examples we’ve seen ruling at Christian Dior. For something less forward but equally cool, the floral blocks make for an interesting take on the trend at Tania Taylor, while by choosing to pair the floral patterns with gorgeous floral embroideries, Alberta Ferretti lead us to rediscover the effortless kind of extraordinary.