Cocktail Dresses, Halter Dresses

Halter cocktail dress

The word ‘Halter’ refers to the design of the upper part of the dress signifying the flattering cut, which typically bares the shoulders and may occasionally dip low enough to reveal a bit of cleavage. Halter dress is typically a woman’s top that fastens behind the back and neck leaving the back and arms uncovered. It can be a halter-top dress or a one-piece halter dress. Halter dresses can be made of satin, taffeta, chiffon, organza, tulle or even khadhi.
Fashion gurus, experts and designers may favor halter dresses for those with large chests. But when women with body shapes such as apple, pear, hourglass and tube wear halter dresses, we do pause and appreciate. Halter dresses do look good on a wide range of body types. An important point for consideration is that halter dresses highlight the face, neck, shoulders and the bosom. That is why measuring the bust size for a halter dress is essential for proper fit. And, diligent selection can bring about satisfactory results.
Halter dresses look great on petite women who are eager to create a taller illusion.

For those with ample bosom, halter dress with substantial straps contributes to emphasize and work wonders. The style flatters the bust and provides a chic and elegant look.

Those with small busts benefit by wearing halter dress with a low neckline, which expose some cleavage.

Those with heavy hips and heavy legs can confidently wear halter dresses as they take unwanted attention from the areas.

Choose an ‘A-line’ halter dress to achieve a more curvacious look.

High neck halter dresses look good on those with long necks.

Short length halter dress gives a chic look, while a maxi-halter dress will give a classy look for summer evenings.

Halter dresses are better worn long as they make the person look taller and slender.
Be it the prom night, a cocktail party, a bridesmaid dress, brides dress, party dress or an evening dress, the sexy and stylish looks of a halter dress guarantees a head turning look. Not merely an occasion specific dress, halter dresses are women’s favorite summer dress. It allows for a lot of air movement with the back and arms uncovered, looks stylish and offers a great variety of complimentary features.

It is a cool feel and cool look during the hot summer months wearing the knot-front halter, tie-behind-the neck halter dresses in different strap sizes right from spaghetti-width to wide and soft straps. The summer special long or short halter dresses can look more formal with the right accessories and simple jewelry.