Maxi Dresses

How to Find the Perfect Maxi Dress for Your Body Shape

Maxi DressA “Maxi Dress” is a long, casual dress that stops at the ankles. It’s are often fairly form-fitting at the top but loose and relaxed at the bottom. Since this type of dress is cool and comfortable easy to put on, they’re perfect for summer wear.

Some women make the mistake of thinking that maxi dresses are only suited to tall, thin, runway model types. In fact, that couldn’t be further from the truth. There is a maxi dress that’s suitable for everyone. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect maxi dress for your body type.

Maxi Dress Tips for Petite Women

If you are on the shorter side, make sure the dress stops at the ankles. If cut too high it will make you appear shorter than you are. The same goes if it’s too long and the him is dragging on the floor. Make sure the dress is tight at the waist, which makes your legs look longer. Try to keep the front and top of the dress from being too busy. Vertical stripes and visually elongate your frame, while prints can have the opposite effect.

Maxi Dress Tips for Tall Women

If you’re tall, you almost have carte blanche when it comes to choosing a maxi dress. You can choose almost any pattern and style and it will look good on you.

Maxi Dress Tips for Slim Women

If you are on the slim side, you have the ability to wear something tight or slinky. You can also wear a straight cut maxi dress. It will look good on you even without a defined waist line. However, here are some tips if you have small breasts. You can definitely wear a strapless dress without having to worry about anything popping out by accident. However, if you want to accentuate your bust size, a maxi dress with straps might be more appropriate. It will provide more visual definition in that area and allow you to wear a push-up bra if you wish. You can further accentuate your curves by wearing a belt around your waist.

Maxi Dress Tips for Plus Sized Women

If you have a full figure, you’ll do best with a maxi dress that is A–line and flows downward after cinching in at the waist. A design that is darker in color on the top and lighter on the bottom will provide a slimming effect.

If you have large breasts, a maxi dress with straps is your best bet. I’d go with halter straps or an even wider width. The straps will provide needed support to prevent sagging and the impression that your breasts might pop out at any time. You can also choose a dress that has sleeves and covers the shoulders (see below), which would allow you to wear a normal bra.

If You Are Modest or Don’t like Your Shoulders

It’s not necessary to show your shoulders in a maxi dress. If you are modest, would like to wear a full bra, or just don’t like the look of your shoulders, you can cover them up in a maxi dress with sleeves. Full sleeves are available for cooler nights, while short sleeves can be worn on hot evenings.

What Shoes to Wear With a Maxi Dress?

Since you’re covered up down to your ankles, it’s best to show some skin through your shoes. As a result, sandals, ballet flats or single strap shoes with heels are the best complement to a maxi dress. Your footwear should be casual to match the casual nature of the maxi dress.

Accessories – Jackets, Hats & Jewelry for Your Maxi Dress

Long necklaces that match the shape of the dress are an excellent choice. If you want to wear the dress on cooler evenings or make them look slightly less casual, you can wear a short jacket or blazer. Even a cardigan can be appropriate. Just make sure they’re cut fairly high on the waist to keep your dress from looking dowdy. Finally, a sun hat is a perfect match for a maxi dress on a sunny day.

A Tip If You Like Prints

Be careful with dresses that have a large print pattern in the fabric, as that design can appear overwhelming. A smaller pattern is often a better choice, especially when coupled with a belt or cinched waist to break up the pattern.