Maxi Dresses


MAXI DRESS HOW TO: Flatter Your Figure

While the maxi dress style seems to look carefree, finding the one that fits your shape the best is not. You need to find one that holds you in the right places and hide the spots you don’t want shown. In order to find the perfect fit for your body, you need to determine what you want from the dress. If you are petite and short, then you want a dress that doesn’t drag on the ground. If you have trouble in your middle, get a dress that has an empire waist to hide the belly and bring more emphasis to the chest. Everyone is built differently, so you need to find the appropriate maxi dress to make this style work for you.

MAXI DRESS HOW TO: Prints vs. Solids

When you purchase your first maxi dress you may want to stick with a solid color or pattern because it will be easier to work with. With a solid color you can pair a maxi dress with a fun and wild pair of shoes or handbag. Solids are great if you aren’t too sure as to how you like the maxi dress and aren’t sure how you want to wear it. However if you want to buy a print, then go for it! Go for a bolder look; something that fits your personality, just don’t make it too nauseating and try not to mix and match different prints together. If you want to mix colors and prints, stick with a solid maxi dress and wild accessories. You should try to keep your accessories pretty tame when wearing a print, and allow them to match the colors with the maxi dress.

MAXI DRESS HOW TO: Accessorize Your Look

Pairing accessories with solid prints may be easier than trying to work with prints, but it still can be done. For the fearless ladies who want to try to take this look on, try wearing gold or silver jewelry with your maxi, or pair the same color accessories with your patterned dress to really bring the look together. For solid prints, wear bright handbags , funky belts and scarves and double up on some long necklaces.
MAXI DRESS HOW TO: Strut Your Stuff

Shoes play an important role when wearing maxi dresses because you want a shoe that matches your look and gives you height if needed. Many maxi dresses are very long, so you might need to get a higher heel to make sure your dress isn’t dragging on the ground. The shoes that match the nicest with maxi dresses are wedge or platform heels because they are dressy, but not over the top like stilettos. You can also wear sandals when the dress is at appropriate length to pull off a more casual look.


For a casual, “just came from the beach” look, wear a plain, solid color maxi for daytime, with flat sandals, large sunglasses, and hair in a head wrap or scarf. For nighttime, you need to have a more romantic and flirty feel rather than relaxed, so toss your hair up in clip and put on a maxi dress with a pattern or just opt for a black maxi dress. Pair this look with gold jewelry, a fun cocktail ring, platform shoes, and bangles! If the night brings a chill to the air, layer your maxi dress with a shawl or cardigan. Keep the layers simple because the maxi dress isn’t something you really want to wear with tons of layers.
Maxi dresses are the perfect look for the hot summer days and the warm summer nights, just remember to find one for your shape. Look for a maxi dress that is not too long, not too revealing on top, and will give definition to waist when needed. Dark colors are good to hide imperfections, and bandeau style will elongate the neckline and draw attention to your neck and face. Always keep the dress loose, and not too clingy, and you will look like a superstar no matter where yo