Cocktail Dresses

Maternity Cocktail Dress

Gone are the days of frumpy, dowdy maternity clothes. Today’s styles are just as sleek, sophisticated and even sexy as their non-maternity counterparts. It may take a little extra work to find your perfect maternity cocktail dress, but the process is part of the fun.

Try not to buy a maternity cocktail dress too far in advance. Your body will continue to grow and change in unexpected ways throughout your pregnancy. You want the cocktail dress to fit perfectly and show off those parts of your body of which you are most proud at the time that you wear it. If you must buy a cocktail dress in advance, talk to your obstetrician and friends with children to get an idea of what to expect.

Think about what you want to accent and what you would rather hide. If you are proud of your expanding belly and comfortable with people asking about the pregnancy throughout the night, choose a sleek sheath style that will accentuate the belly. If you would rather play up your pregnancy-enhanced cleavage, select a dress with a plunging neckline. If your legs are showing varicose veins and swelling, select darker colors and a longer style. Everyone’s pregnant body is slightly different, so take into account your own unique shape when choosing your maternity cocktail dress.