How to Wear a Sundress

Want to know the solution to virtually every summer fashion conundrum you’ve ever had? It’s simple: the sundress. Whether you’re going to the beach or a barbecue or just for a walk, a good sundress will boost your confidence every step of the way. Follow this tutorial for tips on how to flawlessly pull off… Read More How to Wear a Sundress

Print and Floral

Print and Floral Dresses

The trend in 2017 If the concept of florals for spring has slowly morphed into an ongoing love affair, being less of a seasonal trend now, the novelty comes barring new interpretations of the iconic print. This season the evolving of the trend embraced delicate pastel hues without letting go of the vibrant colours and… Read More Print and Floral Dresses

Print and Floral

Fashion trend: Floral print

SPRING FASHION TRENDS 2017 › FLORAL PRINT See the trend slideshow » | See all latest posts » “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Miranda Priestley’s famed catty retort from The Devil Wears Prada may live on in infamy, but its been proven false time and time again.

Print and Floral

Spring dress trend: Floral prints

10 Ways to wear floral print dresses Take two of the hottest fashion trends- floral prints and sundresses -and put them together for the season’s most exciting look. 1.Bold colors Floral print often brings to mind tiny flowers and muted shades. But not this season! Bold-color backgrounds featuring large flowers evoke

Wrap Dresses

Wrap Dress Buying Guide

For many women, finding the right article of clothing, especially when it comes to dresses, can be a difficult experience. With so many body types and so many styles to choose from, dress buying can be a hassle. However, for women looking for that perfect fit, the wrap dress may be the answer to their… Read More Wrap Dress Buying Guide

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