Cocktail Dresses

Plus Size Cocktail Dress

Plus-size women have more choices in wardrobe than ever before. No matter what size dress you wear, there is a cocktail dress for you.

Consider your individual body when shopping for a plus size cocktail dress. Everyone is shaped differently and your dress should accentuate the best of your figure while hiding areas with which you are less comfortable.

An empire-waist dress, for example, works quite well on a woman with great cleavage who wishes to camouflage her waist and hips. Choose a short dress if you have nice legs. Select patterns and styling that draw the eye away from whichever area you would like to hide, while bringing attention to your best features.

Make sure that your cocktail dress provides adequate support. Look for structured pieces that are fitted but not overly tight. Strapless cocktail dresses are a hot trend and there is no reason that a plus size woman should not own one. Just make sure that your cleavage has adequate support in the structure of the dress.

Add a fitted jacket or shawl if you want a bit more coverage. Consider a pantsuit if you are truly body conscious. Evening pants are available in a stunning array of fabrics, colors and textures. A pantsuit can be a truly spectacular option for any occasion. Look for luxurious materials and structured cuts for a beautiful look.