Shift Dresses

The Shift Dress

One of the more popular dresses for women this season is the shift dress. Yes, this dress is one that you will love putting on because it fits right, looks great and it is so versatile. The shift dress will be a major component to the 2017 dress trends. This particular dress type offers the versatility that other dresses do not. It will be one of your favorites this season.

When selecting a shift dress, a dress that can work for you in various ways, there are a few things to look for specifically. One of those things is the print. Choose a fine print on the shift dress. It is best to choose a multicolored print, too. That way, you can pair the dress with multiple coordinating items of various colors to create a unique look. Another option this season is to make more of a statement. To do so, choose an accessory of a color that is not on your dress. Bright orange, earrings, for example, help you to make a statement.

Accessories are a big part of wearing the shift dress well. Since it is one dress you will wear in various ways, the accessories can help to make the difference. To do this, choose accessories that have intricate detailing on them. In fact, choosing something that is a bright color is better than going for something basic or just one dimensional. You want lots of color but details to draw the attention to the accessories.

Yet another important piece to the shift dress style is a jacket. Wearing a bright colored blazer over the top of your small shift dress is a fantastic way to change the entire look of the piece. This gives you the versatility you are looking for, but it also gives you the ability to be unique. Avoid boring jackets and blazers and instead make the blazer the statement piece in this look by making it a brighter color than your dress.

The shows are another important accessory for your shift dress look. The shoes can even help to change the formality of the dress. A pair of sexy, clunky heeled shoes is going to make this dress perfect for a night on the town. On the other hand, wearing a pair of flats or even sandals can help to make the dress less formal and more appealing for the office or a weekend afternoon date.

There are plenty of other options to consider in the shift dress, too. For example, you can still choose that basic, one color piece and then accessorize it with various other elements. That can be an outstanding style choice if you want something a bit more formal. Many women will want to select a dress that is loose, but do consider the options in a bit together, more form fitting look. This will enhance the overall style of the shift dress and help you to create a truly one of a kind look. Check out some of the 2017 spring and summer dresses that can work as a shift dress for you.