The tricky summer dress bra guide

Find your perfect bra
Summertime and the living is easy. But dressing? Yeah, things just got a little bit complicated. All those easy breezy sundresses we love so much come in a variety of skin-baring styles, and finding the perfect bra to cover up with isn’t always easy. Lucky for you, we feel your plight and are offering some bra solutions for some of the trickiest dress styles!

1. Backless dress
These back-baring styles are oh so sexy, but also a pain in the butt when it comes to wearing a dress. So what’s a stylish gal looking for support to do? Invest in a bra that gives you plenty of options, says Kristen Supulski, director of merchandising of Vanity Fair Brands: “We recommend a bra that offers a little extra boost and straps that can adjust in whatever way you need!”

Cutouts and crisscross styles are one of the hottest rising trends in fashion, and while they’re visually appealing, they can also make finding a bra somewhat tricky. “When wearing a dress with a crisscross back, the best style bra is a convertible like the Bali Comfort Revolution Convertible Wirefree Bra. Simply remove the straps from back hooks and swap the straps in the back to create a crisscross,” says Jodi Sisley, senior merchandising manager for Bali and Playtex brands.

3.Halter dress
Oh halter dresses, what a classic style. Marilyn Monroe, anyone? They’re sure pretty, but halters can make bra shopping tricky, for sure. Sisley suggests pairing these sexy styles with a multiway bra that’ll give you plenty of options depending on the shape of your halter. “The best style bra to wear with a halter dress is a convertible because they can be adjusted to be worn so many different ways,” she says.

4.Normal dress
OK, so normally-shaped dresses aren’t exactly difficult to pair with the perfect bra, but we had to give you a cute bra choice anyway! Pair this bright-hued bra with any of your fave sundresses this summer for easy dressing.

5.Strapless dress
I’ll never forget my strapless prom dress. It was elegant, sparkly and oh so grown up. The problem? It required extra support in the bra department. Had I had this bra at the time, things might’ve been a bit easier!