Wrap Dresses

Wrap Dress Buying Guide

For many women, finding the right article of clothing, especially when it comes to dresses, can be a difficult experience. With so many body types and so many styles to choose from, dress buying can be a hassle. However, for women looking for that perfect fit, the wrap dress may be the answer to their search. It’s versatility of use and style favors body types of all kinds, and it can be worn several ways to keep it looking fresh. Picking out a wrap dress can be just as simple as wearing it.

Women interested in purchasing one should first know that the wrap dress comes in several different styles, each of which can be worn a separate way. They should also be aware that the wrap dress works well for almost any occasion and can be used to fit any style. Once buyers are comfortable with their style of wrap dress, they can spruce it up with different shoes for different occasions. Overall, the wrap dress is an easy and versatile garment that is suitable for any situation.

Buyers can purchase their wrap dress at their local department stores or directly through designer manufacturers to find a selection of styles and colors. Alternatively, buyers can search online at eBay to receive just as many options as well as the added options of searching by style, sleeve, length, and brand name.

History of the Wrap Dress
The wrap dress was first presented in 1972 by designer Diane Von Furstenberg as a garment for women that could be used comfortably and stylishly in the workplace. It is generally made from a knit fabric, comes in all sleeve lengths, and has a built-in belt or sash that wraps around the body and ties at the waist. Though first meant to be a flattering alternative to the suit for working women, the wrap dress is a versatile article of clothing that can work for many situations and occasions.

Styles of the Wrap Dress
The wrap dress is versatile not just because it fits for all situations and body types, but also because it comes in several varying styles, all of which can be worn in different ways. The dress itself can take on the look of several different dresses, making it a fresh article of clothing that can be worn again and again.


Faux Wrap

No actual knots; fastened seams; worn with faux wrap style just under the bust; gives look of wrap without the actual knot

Strapless Wrap

Strapless; worn with wraps encircling the waist twice around on either side and tied in front; wraps around the bust and waist

Halter Wrap

Halter neckline; worn with wraps around the waist and up around the neck

Flounce Wrap

Any sleeve length, usually short to long sleeves; wrapped across the chest and tied at the waist; flounces out at the skirt
Though the traditional wrap dress simply has three panels that cross over the front of the body and wrap around the waist, these additional wrap styles can be purchased and used in any way the wearer chooses for a diverse and stylish look.

Ways to Wear the Wrap Dress
The wrap dress is a garment that can work on almost any woman’s body type and is appropriate for any social situation. Women interested in purchasing a wrap dress should note the many different ways the dress can be worn and the many different circumstances where it fits in nicely.

Casual Wear
The wrap dress works nicely as a garment that can be worn on an everyday basis. It comes in any sleeve length and usually falls somewhere just below the knees, giving it an easy, carefree look to match any casual day out or at home.

Outdoor Wear
The wrap dress works equally well for an outing at the park or the beach. Since it comes in other styles, such as strapless and halter, and wraps around the body in a light, flowing way, it can be used as a lightweight outdoor dress that is both comfortable and stylish.

Office Wear
Since the wrap dress was designed specifically for women in the workplace, it stands to reason that it fits nicely as professional wear as well as casual wear. It can be used as an alternative to a suit or pencil skirt for a comfortable, flattering fit, while still maintaining a sleek, polished appearance.

Formal Wear
The wrap dress is also a good candidate for formal and eveningwear and can be appropriate for events such as parties or weddings. Instead of choosing an uncomfortable dress with thick material and an ill fit, women can choose to wear the wrap dress in any style to complete their formal ensemble.

Travel Wear
The wrap dress provides a perfect opportunity for travel wear, as it is lightweight and comfortable. It also takes very minimal preparation and care and it doesn’t require ironing or dry cleaning. It is generally machine washable and easily thrown on and taken off. It also fastens securely and fits as snugly as the wearer prefers.

Maternity Wear
The wrap dress is also perfect for pregnancy. Instead of hiding the belly, wearers can wrap the dress so that it accentuates the bust line and highlights the belly, slimming the rest of the body down and creating a cute, stylish look. It also works well because it is easily adjustable and can be fitted and tied according to belly size and comfort.

Shoes and Accessories to Wear with the Wrap Dress
Once women wishing to purchase the wrap dress have found their desired style, the next step is pairing that style with the right shoes and accessories. Since the dress is so versatile, different shoes can help match the desired effect for the desired occasion. These are just a few ways in which the wrap dress can be dressed up.

Pumps are a perfect fit for pairing with the wrap dress, especially in instances at the office, or during a formal dinner. Women wearing the wrap dress for the workplace can pair it with pumps and somber colors, such as black, to give off a modest, sleek, and stylish look, all at the same time. For formal wear, women might try pumps with an open toe, or stilettos to give an edge to their appearance.

Sandals and Wedges
Both sandals and wedges are a perfect pairing for the wrap dress in the outdoors. This pairing is a popular choice for summer and can be matched with bright, light colors and chunky jewelry to give off a carefree and casual look.

Boots and the wrap dress can go well together during the winter or fall season. This style looks especially good with a wrap dress with a shorter hemline to show off the legs and the full effect of the boots. This pairing can be worn in a casual situation as well as a situation that’s a bit more formal, depending on the colors the wearer chooses.