Wrap Dresses

Wrap Dress Trend

The It-dress of the moment? The wrap dress, of course. An iconic item of the 1970s, wrap dresses helped shoot Diane Von Furstenberg to fame. She built her success on wrap dresses, by turning them into fashion icons: it sounds almost unbelievable that clothing can have such strong identity, but that is just the case! And by now, we almost see wrap dresses as a costume that gifts us with superpowers: they were designed for self-assured women, who needed something practical, elegant, and sensual at the same time. And that is exactly how wrap dresses make us feel.

DVF was not the one to invent wrap dresses, though: she reinterpreted it with a modern cut and colored prints, but this model was actually first designed in the 1930s by Charles James, who called it his “taxi dress”, because he wanted it to be suitable for any occasion: from a party, to your bedroom, to riding a cab!

After a few years in the shadows, wrap dresses are back with a vengeance, and a lot of brands included them in their collections, as we saw at the Fall Winter 2016-2017 shows, as well as at the Spring Summer 2017 ones. Discover our favorites from the shows in the gallery, and use that as inspiration to go shopping now, or as soon as the weather gets warmer. Don’t hesitate: wrap dresses, with that retro, sophisticated touch we absolutely love, are perfect for anyone — just make sure you choose the right fabric. Trust us, you will never stop wearing yours!